Does Silicosis Ever Go Away? There is currently no cure available for silicosis. However, the underlying symptoms can be treated in order to provide some relief and help to control the condition. You can also help to keep this disease from growing worse by limiting your exposure to additional amounts of silica dust. If it is hard to control […]

Why Are So Many Workers Still Exposed to Silica? Huge Number Of Workers Still Face Silica Exposure, Why? In Australia, between 1 and 2 million employees continue to be exposed to silica according to expert estimates. Silica has the same effect as asbestos, considering the fact that silicosis affects thousands of individuals each year, and court cases experiencing a sharp increase. It is […]

What Are The Major Symptoms And Signs Of Silicosis? Silicosis symptoms may occur from a couple of weeks up to many years after being exposed to silica dust. Typically symptoms get worse over time as the lungs become scarred. Difficulty breathing as an early silicosis symptom Phlegm A nagging cough Later symptoms include the following: Blue lips Swollen legs Shortness of breath Sudden […]

What Happens When You Breathe in Silica Dust ? Silica is a compound that exists abundantly in human constructions. This compound can be released into the air when drilling, chasing, jackhammering or otherwise breaking up concrete constructions or bitumen roads. Excavation sites boring into clay or granite also releases this dust into the air. When these compounds enter the lungs they cause a […]

How Do You Prevent Silicosis? Silicosis Prevention There is no cure for silicosis, which is considered to be both disabling and fatal. 300,000 hydraulic fracturing, maritime, and general industry workers, and 2 million in the construction sector totalling to 2.3 million face RCS (Respirable Crystalline Silica) exposure at the workplace. Since silicosis can remain undiagnosed for years, it can […]

What Is Silicosis Lung Disease? Silicosis is a breathing system that affects the lungs. It is caused by breathing in tiny particles of silica, which is a mineral that constitutes rock, sand, and some mineral ores (for example quartz). The most susceptible demographic are the individuals who work with silica; for instance, glass manufacturers, miners, and foundry workers are […]

Can Silicosis Be Fatal? Yes, silicosis is a potentially fatal respiratory disease. The problem is caused by the inhalation of crystalline silica particles. Silica is a mineral that exists in a huge number of natural and artificial mineral compounds. It’s found in many common construction materials. Cutting or drilling such materials creates silica dust, and the silica particles […]

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